My Experience with

I promised to keep you updated and here it is.  I figured that I wanted to level an account myself and looked for some guys to powerlevel with. After some googling, I joined a discord called LoL Powerleveling. After trying to find some people on NA a guy posted a link to his website.

This website was and I checked it out. I linked the design of it and the prices were lower than I’ve seen before. So I contacted him via the Live-Chat that’s integrated into the website and asked whether the accounts were botted. Instead of saying neither yes nor no ( like other Shops ) I got an instant response saying that they are in fact botted. But he also explained that the older the account is ( meaning the date of the last played game ) the less likely it is to get banned. I had a nice talk with him and he explained me the reasoning behind this. And told me that other competitors that offer lifetime warranty either don’t keep their word or charge horrendous sums.

Then I asked him if he’d offer warranty and if so how long. His answer was straightforward again. He offers a 14-day warranty and told me that after the first two weeks passed it’s extremely unlikely that there will be any bans.

My next question was why he offers accounts with champion capsules and if that would be enough to jump into ranked. He linked me his article on why buying lol accounts with champion capsules makes sense. I would highly recommend you to read his article as it thoroughly covers everything and gives an example.

My last question was if he had any feedback. And he send me a link to his feedback page. And told me that other than some other websites in the business the feedback he included on his website is actually the one customers gave. This feedback is legit because you can only give feedback if you purchased anything.

After this long conversation, I decided to try my luck and decided to buy an account. A feature I didn’t see other shops having is the option to pay with cryptocurrencies. For most people that won’t really matter but I just wanted to mention it. I used PayPal, logged in clicked pay and instantly received an email with my account details.

I logged in an was pleased that the summoner name was actually pronounceable. I opened all the champion capsules and disenchanted all champion shards  I didn’t want or were not 450 BE champs ( because you need 450 BE champs anyway to have enough for ranked) and then bought my favorite champions I was going to play in ranked.

Because the owner of LolShop24 told me to not spend any RP before the 14 days ( because no warranty covers the spend RP) I didn’t. And played some normals as recommended.

So, In conclusion, I can say I was really surprised to see that I can get the same quality for less money. And can only recommend LoLShop24 if you want a lol smurf . I will definitely tell my friends  if they ever get to a rank where they need a smurf 😉

My Experience with Buying LoL Accounts

As stated in my first post I will now go into details and what I’ve learned from my purchases. After this post, you will have a good idea of what to expect when shopping for your new account.

So let’s kick things off with my first ever purchase:

I bought the Standard NA Package which was advertised as:

  • Unranked this Season
  • 20-29 Champions
  • 1-40 Skins
  • BE & RP up to 20 000
  • Hand Leveled

I received the account reasonably fast, logged-in, to find out that it had exactly 20 champs 1 skins and 132 BE.  So pretty much the lowest one you could get ( probably the case for most of the accounts ). As a result of this, I wasn’t really happy especially because the owned champions were not really the ones I play.

The account also had a verified email address ( which is an indicator of a cracked account ). Nevertheless, I proceeded to play my placements and ended up in Bronze 4 even though I went 8-2. So I looked up the account on which didn’t only have a horrible name but was also Bronze in the season before.

I contacted the owner and confronted him with the information I read about accounts with verified emails and asked him if the accounts were cracked/stolen. The answer I got was sobering, it basically said: I’m not gonna say that they are cracked but I’m not going to deny it either, it was something like I obtain them from trustworthy sources or something similar.

I bought the following account:  NA Premium 30k+ BE which was advertised with the following features

  • 30.000 BE+
  • Level 30 Unranked
  • Recovery Details
  • Instant Delivery
  • Lifetime Guarantee

I paid 40 bucks for this account which is a lot of money but the account was good and as advertised. I didn’t like the username but that’s just personal preference. After 3 days of playing on this account, it got banned and I contacted the support for a replacement. After a day or so I received my replacement which had a username I liked more and the advertised amount of BE.

Overall the service was good but I think that the price for this account is way to high. I will be looking for other shops and try those out or might even go back to leveling an account manually. I will keep you guys updated.



Why I started buying LoL Accounts

I’m very social and therefore I always played with my friends. After reaching Platinum I wasn’t able to play ranked my friends anymore and I created my very first Smurf. I leveled it up by playing mostly normal games. I played regularly and it still took me about 2 months to finally reach level 30. At this point, I already spend RP on XP and IP boosts. At the weekend I played all my placements games and got to Gold 5, I should have been happy about this, but two of my friends were still Bronze so I couldn’t play with them again.

I was really pissed at that point and started to google how you can really efficiently level up a fresh account. By doing so I stumbled across an article that talked about just buying an account instead of leveling the account yourself you just buy one.

I was really turned on by this idea an dug deeper. I found out that there are different types of accounts you can buy. Firstly there are cracked accounts. So people hacked themselves into someone else’s account, changed the password and claimed them as their account which they then sold.

Most of the accounts are “expired” meaning that the original owner didn’t play on them for a longer period of time and therefore doesn’t notice that his account has been stolen.

I learned that those accounts have a verified email 99% of the times and are therefore easily identifiable. I personally didn’t like the idea of using a stolen account especially because it’s illegal.

There are many sites selling cracked accounts and I don’t want to hurt any of those sites but I can tell you that a couple of those are pretty high up the ranks and charge hilarious sums for the accounts.

The second type of accounts are botted ones. Someone used a bot instead of leveling them up manually. The identifier for this accounts is that they have unverified email addresses.

And the last category are hand leveled accounts. You will find a lot of shops claiming that they sell hand-leveled accounts even though they most likely also used a bot.

I will go into further details in my following blog posts but I can already tell you that you should only buy accounts with warranty and I can also tell you that shops claiming that they have “lifetime warranty” also won’t replace accounts for an infinite amount.

You might ask yourself, “Why would I need a warranty ?” Well, botted accounts sometimes get banned because they were botted and then you obviously want a replacement.

I will share my experience with botted and “hand leveled” accounts but the hand leveled accounts that I bought also got banned and trough the email I received I got the ban code that Riot provides and a quick google search showed me that this bancode was in fact for botting.